Transitions in 2016

Transitions in 2016

Happy 2016, friends and supporters! We’re transitioning into a new phase as a collective and wanted to share updates on new frontiers as individuals and our structure moving forward.

Dinah, Zein, and Alexa are continuing their work with Philly Thrive’s Right to Breathe Campaign, targeting the largest oil refinery on the East Coast in South Philly. The campaign aims to win health reparations for impacted residents, a cap on refinery pollution, and climate jobs that provide livelihoods for workers while healing our planet. Maypop helped incubate the campaign, which has now grown to include a broader circle of Philly activists and community members. We’re excited to continue our support for this local struggle.

Sachie and Hannah are both moving back to their home place of the Pacific Northwest, where they each plan to do local climate justice work. Sachie will continue as the Regranting and Reinvestment Coordinator for the New Economy Coalition, while Hannah will continue her work as the Reinvestment Training Coordinator and dig into local Seattle organizing. Will is staying in Philly and working with the Fossil Fuel Divestment Student Network.

As our day-to-day work and geographic locations diverge, our structure is shifting to allow new forms of connection and collaboration. Maintaining our bonds across locations and struggles is critical work. As we all fight for a just and regenerative world, we plan to continue sharing lessons, strategizing together, and supporting each other through shared reading, writing, and study. We will continue to explore questions on what kinds of resistance and creation this moment in history requires. We are committed to working and building together over the long term, and foresee fruitful collaborations between the projects we’re working on, including divestment from fossil fuels, reinvestment in just economic solutions, and local work to transition away from the extractive fossil fuel economy.

We’re grateful for beloved community that helps us stay grounded, be courageous, and continue the collective push towards climate and economic justice.

Sachie, Will, Alexa, Hannah, Dinah, and Zein