Hot off the Press! "Reflections from the Young People's Just Transition Project" Zine

Hot off the Press! “Reflections from the Young People’s Just Transition Project” Zine

This time last year we were hard at work laying the foundation for a summer of community building and political growth among young people in Philly through the Young People’s Just Transition Project. That experience of bringing together eight college students to support one another, study different approaches to change-making, and engage in on-the-ground work in Philly was full of growth, insights, and exchanges.

To capture the spirit and lessons from the summer we created a zine with our reflections. We are pleased to present, hot off the press, Reflections from the Young People’s Just Transition Project.

Zine Cover

In the zine you’ll find writing and illustrations from each of the project participants, capturing a key experience or learning they wanted to share with the wider world. You’ll also find a brief overview of how the project was organized and why. We hope the zine can serve as a resource for and spark dialogue among those interested in supporting young people to join movements for justice.

We hope you check out the zine and share it widely. Also, if you want a high quality hard copy, we can print and mail you one with a donation of $10-$30. You can donate here and send us a quick email with your mailing address.

If you’re interested in more resources about the Young People’s Just Transition Project, check out the Tumblr we updated throughout the summer with photos, videos, and writings.