Reportbacks from People's Climate March and #FloodWallStreet

Philly Has Roots to Weather the Storm  |  #ItTakesRoots Photo Series  |  Floods of Courage, Floods of Vision  |  HIGHLIGHTS FROM PEOPLE’S CLIMATE MARCH, #FLOODWALLSTREET, PEOPLE’S TRIBUNAL, AND MORE

Lessons Learned from the Young People's Just Transition Project

“I would say to young people… let them remember that there is a meaning beyond absurdity. Let them be sure that every little deed counts, that every word has power, and that we can do- every one- our share to more »

Close to Home: Door-knocking in Chester

Two days ago    No, it starts long before that. Just thirty minutes from our house in West Philly, the City of Chester is home to the largest trash incineration plant in the country, operated by a corporation called Covanta. more »

Radical Organizing 101: Training with MORE in St. Louis

For the past three weeks, I’ve been in St. Louis in a three-week immersive organizing training with the organization MORE (Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment). I’ve grown and changed as a person so much in these three weeks, and more »

One Struggle, Many Fronts Speaking Tour

All of us in Maypop work part-time jobs in order to fund our work with Maypop. We’ve worked at farmer’s markets, cheesesteak shops, and non-profits. For the last six months, I’ve been fortunate to have a position with the US-Africa more »

Young People's Just Transition Project

What is that community wisdom that teaches us how to stay together in times of hardship? That teaches us to heal and to thrive when we’ve suffered and struggled? How do we share this long-held wisdom with young people, as more »

Progressive Philly Rising after the People's Campaign

A couple Thursdays ago I woke up to a barrage of texts and emails: “Hanger is withdrawing from the race!” I opened my computer to vet the rumors: “Former DEP Secretary John Hanger will end his campaign for governor today more »

The Divestment Training Roadshow

Last week, I teamed up with climate justice educator Johanna DeGraffenreid and social media storyteller Joe Solomon for the Divestment Training Roadshow, a traveling set of workshops held at 8 East Coast colleges with fossil fuel divestment campaigns. As an more »

Our Journey So Far

Alexa Ross: As the end of one year was giving way to the next I ate cheeseburgers with a new mentor, someone who’s seen the shapes colonialism and addiction and healing take over time. I grasped at new patterns of more »

Reportback from Feb. 1 Progressive Philly Rising!

Hannah Jones: When the Maypop Collective was first approached about joining a newly-emerging progressive coalition in Philadelphia that was backing John Hanger for governor, I was conflicted. I have been disappointed by electoral officials time and time again. I was more »

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